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Millets are a great source of starch, making it a high-energy food. Fiber helps to control blood sugar level, cholestrol level and helps in diabetics. Milets works as anti-oxidant.

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Cold Pressed Oils

Cold-pressing eliminates all the harmful effects that arise from the conventional methods of oil extraction. Unlike refined oil, cold pressed oils have all nutrients intact, retaining the natural properties of seeds.

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Enjoy our honey every day in your cooking, baking for health and beauty and as an energy boost. Honey helps to reduce cough and throat irritation. Honey works as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

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Seeds, Papad and Others

We also offer different other products like vegetable seeds, papad, jaggery powder, tamarind, horse gram, HMT rice etc. All our products are produced by using sustainable practices.

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Our Partners

Green Foundation

Genetic Resource, Ecology, Energy and Nutrition (GREEN) Foundation, established in 1996, supports 2,460 women farmers and their families in Kanakapura to help them achieve nutritional and income security and autonomy, while ensuring conservation of local agro-biodiversity. 15 women enterprise groups work on value addition initiatives such as papad making, millets and pulses processing and packing, cold pressed edible oils, etc.


Vrutti works towards building wealthy, resilient and responsible smallholder farmers through a variety of farm and non-farm initiatives across India. Vrutti currently works with over 1,30,000 farmers through 90-odd farmer producer organisations and a number of self-help groups of women. Vrutti encourages farmers to produce and move towards responsible farming, using sustainable inputs and practices.


The farmer producer organisation - Janadhanya Farmer Producers Company, with its brand name 'Janadhanya' handles the supply chain. The products marketed are produced in an organic way and are certified under the Participatory Guarantee System. The company has the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) license.

Nectar Fresh

Nectar Fresh on of the largest supplier of raw and processed honey. Nectar Fresh's quest for quality has lead us to search and source pure, fresh and natural honey from across India like acacia, mustard, forest, lychee, sunflower, jamun and many more as per the season.

Majority of Indians are small farmers and we would like to see women and small farmers empowered. So, you are supporting farmers when the products are bought by you.